Friday, September 30, 2011

Various glass technologies that evolved through the years

Glassware is believed to be one of the earliest crafts to be according to GlassOnline. Natural glass has been around from time immemorial. Different kinds of rocks melted down due to the high temperatures of the volcanoes, lightning and meteorites. The cooled materials solidify and form glass. Glass is known to be used even by the Stone Age humans. Today, there are so many companies in the world that produce glass and glassware using different types of glass technologies. The Schott glass produced by Schott North is famous all over the world for its durability and versatility. Schott North has been producing top notch glass products for various sectors and industries.

Before looking into the latest products it is a good idea to understand about the history of glass and how it evolved through the years. According to the Roman historian Pliny, the Phoenician merchants discovered glass accidentally in about 5000 B.C when they used their cooking pots on some blocks of nitrate. The nitrate melted down due to the high temperature, mixed with sand and formed the colorless substance, glass. However the anthropologists felt that the glass beads from Mesopotamia and Egypt during 3500 B.C were actually handmade. The oldest vases of glass were made in the 16th century B. C in Egypt, China and Mesopotamia.

Modern glass is believed to originate from Alexandria in the Ptolemaic period. The artisans made mosaic glass and also used pieces of colored glass to create beautiful patterns. Many other glass technologies were invented from then on. The first century saw the invention of glassblowing by the Syrian glassmakers. Lead crystal glass was invented by George Ravenscroft in 1675. It was made by combining Venetian glass and lead oxide. In 1902, sheet glass wan patented and this lead to the production of glass windows in large amounts.

The glass shaping machine was patented in 1904 which gave way to the production of jars, bottles and various other glass containers. Various companies have used the glass technologies to develop different types of products used for various purposes. Schott North is one such company that has over 50 years of experience in producing glass products for the world. The special schott glass has helped to improve the quality of life and work of the people. The products dedicated to the world range from solar power modules, glass/ceramic cooktops, glass-metal enclosures, syringes and color filters. The company has several business units for taking care of various aspects like imaging, lighting, solar, electronic packaging, flat glass, home technology and pharmaceuticals.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to bend a Glass Tubing

Glass tubing is exactly the same it sounds like “a tube made of glass”. Glass tubing is available in various shapes and sizes, from tube diameters or just a millimeter or less up to very large tubes. It can be used for many purposes such as to hold liquid and gasses. It is possible to break glass tubing into smaller pieces with the help of a triangular file. Sometimes you need the tubing to have a special bend for multiple applications. It is possible to bend glass tubing into different shapes by using hot flame of Bunsen burner. You can perform the bending yourself by heating up the glass tubing at the bending point. Bending process requires a technique to do it correctly and with good practice you can bend glass tubes without taking much time.

What is Bunsen burner: Bunsen burner is a kind of burner in which normal illuminating gas is mixed with air. The amount of flame is being regulated by a ring which opens and closes the air holes in the burner. A Bunsen burner produces very hot flame because the gas in the tube moves faster than the gas in an ordinary burner and the oxygen in the air supports the gas to burn. If you have no gas in your house you can use an alcohol lamp which you can either buy from the market or make for yourself.

How to Bend a Glass Tube: To bend a glass tubing first turn on the Bunsen burner and set it at a medium heat. Put on the gloves. Then, hold the glass tubing between your hands. Hold the tubing over the burner by placing the center of the heat in the middle of the area where you need the bend. Twist the tubing backward and forward in your hands so that the heat will evenly apply to all sides of the tubing. Hold the glass over the heat until it gets soft. Take away the glass tubing from the flame and hold it in place for a few seconds so that the heat will move through the entire tube. Quickly lift the sides of the tubing to form a bend in the middle. Hold the glass tubing in your hands and allow the heat to dissolve. To get a more complex bend, just have a steel cylinder nearby, such as a piece of tubing. Pull the glass against the tubing while it is hot to let the tubing conform to the bend on the cylinder.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How to clean optical glass

Optical glass is transparent flexible fiber. The silica in it is not much wider than a human hair. It transmits light between the two ends of the fiber. The fiber acts as a waveguide. Crown glasses and flint glasses are the most common type of glasses used in optics. Optical glass has been defined as ‘ a clear homogeneous glass of known refractive index.’ Eyeglass lenses, telescopes and binoculars are commonly made out of this type of glass. Optical glass has to be looked after well. Eyeglass lenses keep getting foggy and dusty. The dirt blurs the vision. So glasses have to be cleaned regularly and polished well in order to keep them clean and clear.

How to clean optical glass

  • A lint-free soft cloth should be used to wipe the optical glass. The dust or dirt gathered on the glass can be removed in this way. Never use harsh materials to clean your optical glass because they may scratch the surface of the glass and cause permanent damage.
  • Fill a small bowl with anti-bacterial substance and warm water. Mix the water until it gets very soapy.
  • Wash your hands well so that there is no dirt and oil on your hands. Make sure that your hands are dry.
  • Put the glasses into the water and use your hands to clean them well. Rub the glass surface delicately but thoroughly.
  • Use the lint-free glass to wipe the glasses.
  • Use lens cleaner to clean the glass. Spend at least five minutes polishing the glass. Lens cleaner will remove the small scratches.
  • Now polish the glass well till its dry using the lens cloth.
  • For one last time use the lint-free cloth to wipe the glass well. This will get rid of any minor scratches that may be there.

Wear good quality latex gloves when you begin cleaning your optical glass. Also handle them with care and ensure that you do not scratch them with your fingernails.

Schott is a leading multinational company that manufactures glass. Schott glass products are made with the finest technology. You can purchase Schott glass products like Narima glass, Cathedral glass, Mirona mineral glass, Imera glass, Mirogard glass, Asi glass, and many others. Schott has sophisticated packaging solutions, Laboratory items like dental glass, bioactive glass, microarray glass slides and items for microscopy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Glass manufacturers can make anything you wish by glass

Just imagine anything, no need to bridle your imagination, just get lost in the beautiful world of schott glass. Most of the people have habit of colleting schott glass. There is a wide variety of schott glass available in the market but it is too difficult to find what the origin of the particular glass is? These collectibles can make your collection a beautiful and wonderful collection. Most of the people collect old coins, stamps, sea shells and so many other things. They know about the origin of the things, so they collect them keenly to keep their history alive for long time through their collection. On the contrary, here you will get a plenty of collectibles but the explanation of the origin or the history is missing. Still this fact cannot stop you from having a nice and wide variety collection of schott glass
You can do a good research by going to the glass manufacturers, if you are still keen to know about the origin, how they are made and when they are made. This research can be tiresome but will surely prove fruitful, when you will discover the history and origin of the divergent kinds of glasses. Glass manufacturers will help you to know and collect the information you want. On internet also most of the information is lying just you need to search it properly with appropriate key words. You can write this information on the glass you get. You can also have a nice collection of giant glasses which give your room a look of new glass world.
There was a time when the buildings were only made of bricks and other concrete material. Now glass has become an indispensible part of building construction. Most of the buildings are totally made of glass from outer side. This makes their look attractive and passer byes can’t ignore the sight. You can also have glass table or show peace inside the office or house. You can keep a glass globe on the table, which can give you the look of the world in a small shape. All kinds of shape and sizes tell us how imaginative we are? And how we are unique than the other living creatures. Man has power to invent. His mind has given him a higher place in all living beings. He is not only a breathing reality but he is a live beautiful creation of God who can create wonders.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to purchase glass

Glass is needed by people all over the world and for so many different purposes. Glass may be needed for window panes or crockery items, for decorative pieces or lenses.

How to purchase glass containers

Glass containers are a useful item and can be purchased online. If you need these containers because you are starting a business of your own, you will have to be careful where you order these from and what the delivery is going to be like. If these glass containers are not delivered carefully, the results can be disastrous because it will cost you an unnecessary expense to have them replaced. If a large number of these glass containers are broken, you will be at a loss because broken glass items cannot be returned. Whether you are planning to purchase a single inexpensive glass item or a whole lot of glass items in bulk, you must consider carefully the size and type of the glass items to be ordered, the shipping standards and the policies that are available against your order. Only then must you go ahead with placing your order. This will help you to avoid all the problems that may crop up later.

About Schott

Schott is the German manufacturer of high quality glass products. Its main markets are household appliances, pharmaceutical industries, solar energy, optics and automotive. Schott has the leading technology as far as the manufacture of glass items is concerned. It is a multinational technology based group that specialises in manufacturing special glass, speciality materials, components and systems. They also sell the Schott glass catalog that has a list of the various optical glasses produced by them. The Schott Glass Catalog also has a comparison chart of all the table of optical glasses. There are also datasheets available.

Optical glass is specified according to their optical and internal properties. Schott is ISO certified and can be trusted to give good performance. Schott glass products have AF32 thin glass, anti-reflective glass, glass tubing with closed ends and color effect glass among many others.

Schott is a leader in the field of optic technology as well. They use advanced high quality materials. Optical imaging is also done very well. Special glass tubing and other pharmaceutical designs are also made by Schott. They are also good at solar designs, fascinating illumination and outdoor decorative glass. Schott glass products are extraordinary.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glass tubes are becoming a rage in the global art scene

Glass tubes or glass tubing are hollow pieces of flint glass, used generally as laboratory glassware. It is also available as a commercial product in various lengths and thickness and when used in laboratories, is usually attached to rubber stoppers. Glass tubes are mostly used for carrying both liquid and gasses in labs and a unique feature of the components of glass tubing is that it can be broken into smaller pieces easily and can also be bent using a hot flame from a Bunsen burner.

Nowadays, these tubes are used not only for laboratory purposes, but also in art exhibitions. Many modern artists have adopted the concept of using such tubes to create exquisite glassware in the most fascinating designs and shapes. These tubes also come in all colors and sizes and by no means look like they could be used for more scientific purposes.

If you’re looking to cut or bend glass tubes, then there are several simple steps that you could follow.

First of all, you will need a pair of gloves to prevent your hands or fingers from being cut. Then you will require a small triangular file. The file is used for cutting the tubing to its correct size and dimensions. However, your best bet would be to get yourself a glass gauge cutter as it provides more accurate cuts.

The next thing to do is to place the tube in the cutter and close it with a slight amount of pressure. With a file, you would need to pinch the sharp edge of the file against the tube. Then you can make a scratch in the glass halfway around the tube.

Finally, you can try breaking the glass by holding it firmly and snapping it with a yank. This is the easiest way to break or cut a tube. Cutting glass is crucial for glass work and glass blowing. You could try buying a long tube made of glass and follow the simple steps mentioned to create art objects or for science projects. These tubes made of glass are slowly making their way up in the global market, mainly for its capability to produce some very unique art designs.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Glass ceramics: an advanced product of glass

Glass is one of the most useful materials in the world. It is made from silica sand, soda ash and limestone. There are endless uses of glass in our day to day life. We can preserve the food in glass jar, drink water from glasses, use glass in windows, use in motor vehicles, wear eyeglasses and many more. In other words we cannot imagine our daily life without glass. When we talk about glass, generally a transparent, shiny substance that breaks rather easily suddenly comes in our mind. But today, glass is available in various different forms. Just have a look on various types of glass.

Flat Glass: This type of glass is generally used in windows. It is also used in mirrors, room dividers, and some kinds of furniture such as glass top tables. Usually, flat glass is made in the form of flat sheets. But some of them are reheated and sagged over molds. For example, glasses used in automobile windshields are sagged glass.

Optical Glass: They are used in eyeglasses, camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and many other instruments that used in factories and laboratories. Raw materials used in optical glass must be pure so that the glass can be made almost flawless. The care required for manufacturing optical glass makes it expensive as compared to other kinds of glass.

Glass Ceramics: Glass ceramics are sturdy materials made by heating glass to rearrange its atoms into regular patterns. These partially crystalline materials can endure high temperature, sudden changes in temperature, and chemical attacks. Glass ceramics are used in a variety of products such as heat-resistant cookware, electronic equipments, turbine engines, etc.

Fiber Glass: This type of glass consist of fine but solid rods of glass, each of which may be less than one-twentieth the width of a human hair. These glass fibers can be packed together in wool like mass that can supply heat insulation. They also can be used in wool or cotton fibers to make glass yarn, tape, cloth, and mats. Moreover, they are used for electrical insulation, chemical filtration, and firefighters' suits. Combination of fiberglass and plastics can be used for airplane wings and bodies, automobile bodies, and boat hulls. Additionally, it is a popular curtain material as it is fire-resistant and washable.

Colored Structural Glass: This heavy plate glass is available in many colors. These types of glass are used in buildings as an exterior facing, interior walls, partitions, and tabletops.

Bullet-resisting Glass: They are thick, multilayer laminated glass that can stop heavy-caliber bullets at close range. As, this glass is heavy enough to absorb the energy of the bullets, they are used in bank teller windows and in windshields for military tanks, aircraft, and special automobiles.